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The Meeting of Two Wombs

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Exploring the relationship between Providence and faith when Mary and Elizabeth meet.

Text: Luke 1:39-45
Date: 02/14/2021, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 7

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After learning of her pregnancy Mary hurries to see the only person on earth who might understand her situation-- her relative Elizabeth. When the two women meet, Elizabeth is filled with the Holy Spirit and her baby leaps for joy in her womb. Elizabeth then launches into the first of five beautiful songs in Luke's Nativity narrative, marveling at God's blessing to both women and their babies. She ends her song with a more general blessing for all who believe in the Word of God. We will analyze the work of the Holy Spirit in this event and ponder the intricate relationship between God's immutable Providence, Mary's faith and God's blessings. Ultimately we will simply delight in the rich imagery of this story and gaze in awe at the dramatic meeting of two wombs!

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 1:39-45.
A. Context
B. The meeting of two blessed mothers, vs. 39-41.
1. Mary travels to Judea, vs. 39.
a. Approximating the time.
b. A trip made in haste.
i. Several questionable reasons.
ii. A very human reason.
c. An arduous trip, Gen. 49:10, Rev. 5:5.
2. Mary arrives at Zechariah's house, vs. 40.
a. The entrance.
b. Greeting Elizabeth.
i. A formal Hebrew greeting, Ex. 18:7-9.
ii. A casual, familiar greeting.
3. A joyful reaction, vs. 41.
a. The baby's "leap".
b. Elizabeth and the Holy Spirit, 2Sam. 23:2, Acts 4:8,31.
C. Elizabeth's song of praise, vs. 42-45.
1. A song of divine truth, Isa. 21:8, Rev. 5:2.
2. Elizabeth's blessing, vs. 42.
a. Blessing for Mary.
b. Blessing for the Lord, Psa. 127:3, Deut. 7:13, Gen. 12:3.
3. The mother of the Lord, vs. 43.
a. Elizabeth's privilege, Ex. 3:11.
b. The mother of the Lord.
i. A reference to divinity.
ii. A revelation of the Holy Spirit, Matt. 16:17.
iii. A subtle connection, Mark 12:36, John 20:28.
4. A joyful exaltation, vs. 44.
a. Analyzing the "leap for joy", Luke 1:15.
b. The first heralding of the Messiah, Luke 1:17, 2:10, 13-14.
5. The consequences of belief, vs. 45.
a. Blessing for belief, Prov. 16:20.
i. The blessing of belief.
ii. The blessings from belief, Matt. 6:33.
b. Trusting the Word of the Lord.
i. An extraordinary faith.
ii. A powerful principle.
III. Application
IV. Communion, Luke 1:43.

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