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Sunday Morning Worship Service

Sunday Morning Worship Service, 10:00 a.m.

Our Sunday Morning Worship Service is the perfect blend of dynamic music and compelling teaching from God's word. The music is upbeat and vibrant, yet worshipful and reverent. The music is designed to help focus our attention on God--who alone is worthy of our worship and praise. Worship is led by Byron and Stacy Cox and our praise team who weekly remind us of God's grace in blessing his creation with those with great talent. The teaching is Scriptural and expository and is extremely relevant to the myriad problems that plague the church and Christians today.  We firmly believe the Bible is the most relevant book ever written and is God's "manual" for salvation, worship, and life. Therefore the study of the Word is the essential part of our worship service. 

The messages are designed to make real-life applications that show how the Word of God is a living word and is sufficient for all our needs.  We are also careful to include all the essential aspects of Reformed worship  (praise, the reading of the Word, prayer, the preaching of the Word, and the Sacraments) in our worship services.  Communion is observed usually once each month.  Check the Current Events for the dates of Communion this month.

Our Worship Service is attended by people of all ages. Dress is casual in typical South Florida style, with people wearing everything from suits to shorts. We believe that worship should be reverent and God-honoring, and at the same time comfortable.