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Our Children's Sunday School

Our Children’s Sunday School
Pre-K3 through 5th Grade
When: 10:30am between services


Where:  Classroom “A” In the Fellowship Hall to your right.

Led by: Ms. Tia Ellis/Mrs. Monica Andino

PreK-3 through Kindergarten

Where:  Classroom “E” Through the Fellowship Hall, down the hallway, last classroom on your right.

Curriculum:  Great Commissions Publications Preschool  4&5

Led by:  Mrs. Charlene Walters/Ms. Phyllis Gunther

Mrs. Charlene works in our preschool and is skilled at keeping young children engaged with age     appropriate activities while Ms. Phyllis has been enjoying telling Bible stories to young children for many years.  Children will take home crafts and weekly activity pages they can review at home.

1st through 2nd Grade

Where:  Room “C” Just passed the Fellowship Hall, second room on your left.

Curriculum:  Great Commissions Publications Younger Elementary

Led by: Mrs. Simone Barrett

Students in this classroom will learn from a seasoned Christian and mother of three, how to use     
the Bible and work on a more in depth prayer life.  Look for a weekly Bible story take home.

3rd through 5th Grade

Where:  Choir Room Go through the Fellowship Hall, make your first left down the quiet hall, the     room is on your right.

Curriculum:  Great Commissions Publications Middle Elementary

Led by:  Mrs. Sherry Shoemaker

Mrs. Sherry is our Missions Director as well as teaching Middle Elementary.  Students will learn     some tools to share the Gospel.  Watch for weekly Bible story pages that you can share at home.