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At New Hope Community Church we realize that to be active in the Kingdom of Heaven is the greatest gift anyone can be given. Therefore, we see giving as both a privilege and a duty. We are called to bring our tithes and offerings into God's house for the work of the Kingdom. For that reason we have established this online giving portal to make it possible for you to give even if you are not able to attend.

To make a donation...

1) Select a fund from the drop down list below (For your tithe choose "General Fund").
2) After you have selected the fund, click the "Give To Selected Fund" button below.
3) A new window will be opened that will take you to the "" website.
4) It is a secure site where you can make your donation using your credit card or check card.
5) Follow the instructions on the various screens to make your donation.

When you're done, just close the window and you'll come back here.

Thank you for your gift!

** If you are not a regular NHCC attender and therefore not in our database, make sure to fill in your full address in the form that follows so we can mail you a receipt of your giving at year's end.

*Indcates a required field.
*Choose a Fund: 

If you would like to donate to our food drive for Haiti in April 2024, choose "NHCC Mission Fund" as your fund. All donations to the NHCC Mission Fund during April will go to purchase food for Haiti.