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Yahweh Remembers

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Learning that God always remembers His promises-- as well as ours!

Text: Luke 1:5-12
Date: 01/10/2021, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 2

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When Zechariah was chosen by lot to perform the priestly duty of burning incense, he considered it to be a great privilege. But this faithful member of the Messianic Community had no idea how great his privilege actually was! For he was not only to be the father of the herald of the Messiah, but he was also chosen to receive the first revelation from God in 400 years, as Gabriel the archangel appeared to him in the Temple. We will analyze this encounter as Luke introduces the parents of John the Baptist in a way that firmly grounds his Gospel in the Redemptive History of Israel. But most importantly, we will learn that God is faithful to His covenants, remembering and ultimately fulfilling every promise He has ever made. And as this man with the Hebrew name "Zakar-yah" stands before the messenger of God, we will find this blessed principle in the very meaning of his name-- "Yahweh Remembers"!

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 1:5-12.
A. Context
B. Setting the scene, vs. 5-7.
1. Introducing the characters, vs. 5.
a. Introducing Herod, Luke 2:1, 3:1.
i. The time of his rule.
ii. The extent of his rule.
iii. The wickedness of his rule.
b. Introducing Zechariah.
c. Introducing Elizabeth.
2. Models of piety, vs. 6.
a. Deciphering Luke's meaning, Psa. 14:1,Rom. 3:10-11.
i. Righteous before God.
ii. Walking blamelessly, Gen. 6:9, Job 1:1.
iii. Keeping all the commandments and statutes.
b. Faithfulness in the midst of wickedness.
c. The radiant woman.
i. Absorbing the image, Rev. 12:1-2.
ii. The Messianic Community, Rom. 9:5, Mic. 5:2-3.
iii. A community in agony.
3. The dilemma, vs. 7.
C. Zechariah's service in the Temple, vs. 8-10.
1. Zechariah's privilege, vs. 8-9.
a. A big day for Zechariah!
b. The burning of incense.
i. The idea of mediation.
ii. Zechariah's function.
2. The prayers of the people, vs. 10.
D. The angel appears, vs. 11-12.
1. Visualizing the drama.
2. The appearance of the angel, vs. 11.
a. A physical appearance, Dan. 10:5-6, Luke 1:19,26.
b. The significance of the appearance.
3. Zechariah's initial reaction, vs. 12.
E. Summarizing the significance, Ex. 2:24, 3:7-8, Luke 1:68,72.
III. Application
A. Yahweh remembers and keeps His promises, John 11:25-26.
1. Zechariah and Elizabeth remained faithful.
2. Can you say the same?
a. A blessed past.
b. An uncertain future, John 6:40, 5:24.
B. Yahweh remembers your promises!
IV. Conclusion

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