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Mary's Song of Worship Part 1

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Learning from Mary's song of exaltation that God is the only focus of true worship.

Text: Luke 1:46-48
Date: 02/21/2021, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 8

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In this message we turn our attention to what is certainly the most famous of the five "songs" in Luke's Nativity narrative-- Mary's "Magnificat". So named because of the opening verse, it is a masterful prayer that exalts and glorifies the Lord. We will analyze what it tells us about Mary, her amazing command of Scripture and remarkable grasp of Theology; as well as what it tells us about God Himself and the Kingdom of Heaven He is establishing on earth. Ultimately we will consider what this song tells us about worship, and find in it attributes of true worship that are sorely missing from many of today's worshipers. But hopefully we will not lose sight of the fact this is a beautiful and meditative song of praise from a teenage peasant girl who truly loved the Lord-- and as a result learn valuable lessons from Mary's song of worship.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 1:46-48.
A. Context
B. Mary's song of praise and exaltation.
1. An overview of Mary's song.
2. A song of Mary, vs. 46-48.
a. In general.
i. Her grasp of Old Testament Scripture, Psa. 34:2, Isa. 43:11, 2Sam. 1:11, Gen. 30:13.
ii. Her grasp of Theology.
b. Exalting God from her heart, vs. 46-47.
i. Noticing the form, vs. 46a.
ii. A soul that magnifies God, vs. 46b.
• The meaning of "magnifies", Luke 1:32.
• A window into her soul, Luke 6:45.
iii. A rejoicing spirit, vs. 47.
• An Old Testament view of salvation, Psa. 106:21.
• The traditional view, Psa. 51:12,14, Psa. 119:81, Isa. 53:12, Matt. 1:21.
c. The servant of the Lord, vs. 48.
i. The humble bondslave, vs. 48a, Luke 1:38.
ii. Blessed through all generations, vs. 48b.
• What it does not mean.
• What it does mean, Luke 1:43, Gen. 12:3.
III. Application
A. Overview
B. True worship is internal, Luke 1:46-47, John 4:24, Matt. 15:7-9, Amos 5:21-24.
IV. Conclusion

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