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Mary's Song of Worship Part 3

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Learning the importance of a humble and contrite heart in true Kingdom worship.

Text: Luke 1:51-53
Date: 03/07/2021, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 10

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In Part 3 of our study of Mary's "Magnificat", we will turn our attention to the nature of the Kingdom that God is establishing on earth through the Advent and ministry of His Son. After a short discussion of God's Providential care for His people, we will analyze Mary's understanding of the "upside-down" nature of this Kingdom, and the radical spiritual and social change that its establishment will bring. For in this Heavenly Kingdom the humble are exalted and the arrogant are brought low; the poor are filled with good things and the rich are sent away empty. Ultimately we will continue to learn from Mary's song of worship that to praise, adore and exalt God with a humble and contrite soul are essential aspects of the heart of true Kingdom worship.

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I. Introduction, Rev. 4:8-11, 19:4-6.
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 1:51-53.
A. Context, Luke 1:46-50.
B. The humility of true Kingdom Worship.
1. The Providence of God, vs. 51a, Rev. 19:6.
a. Re-establishing the all-mightiness of God.
i. The strength of God in the physical world.
• At the Exodus, Ex. 15:6-7.
• As the Creator, Psa. 89:11-13.
ii. The strength of God in the Spiritual world, 52:9-10.
b. The sovereignty of God as King of His Kingdom, Rev. 19:6.
c. The personal God who cares for His people.
i. The God of the Old Testament covenants.
• The covenant with Noah, Gen. 8:22.
• The covenant with Abraham, Gen. 12:2-3.
• The covenant with Moses, Ex. 23:25-26.
• The covenant with David, 2Sam. 7:10-11.
ii. The Providential Good Shepherd, Ezek. 34:23-24, John 10:14-15.
2. A song of the Kingdom, vs. 51b-53.
a. Scattering the proud, vs. 51b.
i. The exclusiveness of God's mercy, Luke 1:50.
ii. The absolute sovereignty of God's rule, Isa. 42:8, Prov. 8:13, Jer. 13:15,17, Dan. 4:30-31, Acts 4:25-26, Psa. 2:4-6.
iii. The egregious sin of pride.
• The great sin of the Fall, Gen. 3:4-5.
• The great sin of the ages.
b. An upside-down Kingdom, vs. 52-53, Matt. 20:25-28.
i. The humble will be exalted, vs. 52, Dan. 2:21, Psa. 138:6, 1Sam. 2:4.
ii. The hungry will be filled, vs. 53, 1Sam. 2:5, Isa. 57:15, Isa. 55:1-2, John 7:3,38, 6:35.
III. Application
A. Reviewing the nature of worship.
B. True worship is humble, Isa. 57:15, James 4:6.
1. True worship is not arrogant.
a. True worship does not have a haughty spirit.
b. True worship is always hungry for the truth, Luke 1:53, Rev. 3:17.
2. True worship never manipulates.
3. True worship is not ignorant, John 14:6, Matt. 7:23.
C. Summary
IV. Conclusion

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