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Mary's Song of Worship Part 4

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Celebrating God's covenantal faithfulness through worship and the sacrament of Communion.

Text: Luke 1:54-55
Date: 03/14/2021, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 11

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As we wrap up our study of Mary's "Magnificat", we will focus, as she does, on God's covenantal faithfulness. After a short discussion of how God answers the anguished prayers of His people, we will introduce two final attributes of true worship: it is both habitual and thankful. Ultimately we will engage in a "living parable" of sorts, as we approach the Lord's Table and take Communion as a sign and seal of God's continued covenant with His elect through Christ. In doing so, we will be putting the principles of worship we have learned from Mary's song into practice. By reverently receiving the sacrament of Communion, we will magnify God from the depths of our souls, exalting Him as we humble ourselves, while pledging to habitually worship Him with gratitude and thanksgiving. It is truly a fitting application for Mary's song of worship.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 1:54-55.
A. Context
1. True worship is internal, John 4:23-34, Luke 1:46-47.
2. True worship exalts God, Rev. 19:6-7.
3. True worship is humble, Luke 1:48,50,52,53, Rev. 19:4.
B. God's covenantal faithfulness.
1. God remembers His people, vs. 54.
a. Defining "God's people", Luke 1:68,Rom. 2:28-29,Luke 2:30-32,Matt. 8:11-12.
b. God's merciful covenants, Gen. 3:15.
c. God never forgets His promises, Psa. 100:5, Psa. 25:6.
2. God remembers His covenants, vs. 55.
a. Promised in mercy, Gen. 12:3, 15:5,6,18.
b. Fulfilled in mercy.
3. God hears the cries of His people.
a. The angst of the Messianic Community, Ex. 3:7.
b. A quick analysis of effective prayer.
i. Be fervent in your prayers.
ii. Be patient in your prayers, Heb. 11:39, 2Pet. 3:8-9.
iii. Expect something different.
III. Application
A. True worship is habitual.
1. The evidence of habitual worship.
2. The extent of habitual worship.
B. True worship is thankful.
C. The Living Parable of Communion.
1. Come with a broken heart.
2. Come exalting God for His grace.
3. Come with a humble heart.
4. Come to this table often, 1Cor. 11:25.
5. Come with a thankful heart.
IV. Conclusion

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