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War Or Peace?

by Rev. Kirby Williams

How Zechariah's song of prophecy sheds light on the "Triumphal Entry".

Text: Luke 1:67-69
Date: 03/28/2021, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 13
Occasion: Palm Sunday

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After Zechariah's voice is restored, he immediately launches into a song of his own, praising God and "blessing" Him for His covenantal faithfulness. In these opening verses he specifically praises God for His visitation, His redemption, and His mighty power to save His people. We will analyze the profound significance of each one of these divine blessings. But as the Lord would have it, this passage fell on Palm Sunday when we traditionally celebrate our Lord's "Triumphal Entry" into Jerusalem. The imagery of Zechariah's song of prophecy and how it can be applied to the "Triumphal Entry" is simply stunning. It presents all who read it with the poignant question: "When the Lord visits you with His offer of redemption-- what will it be? War or Peace?"

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I. Introduction
A. The event known as the "Triumphal Entry", Mark 11:1-10.
B. The symbolism of the Triumphal Entry.
1. The arrival of the King, John 18:33,36.
2. The arrival of the Prince of Peace, Matt. 21:4,5, Isa. 9:6, Zech. 9:10.
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 1:67-69.
A. Context
B. The visitation of the Warrior-King of Redemption.
1. Zechariah's prophecy, vs. 67.
a. Filled with the Holy Spirit.
i. Luke's concentration on the Holy Spirit, Luke 1:15,35,41.
ii. God's blessing of Zechariah.
iii. The results of obedience.
b. The prophecy, 2Tim 3:16, 2Pet. 1:21.
2. Visited and redeemed, vs. 68.
a. Blessing the Lord.
i. Understanding the blessing, Psa. 41:13, 72:18.
ii. The covenantal God.
• A covenant with Israel.
• A covenant with the nations, Luke 1:54, Matt. 10:5,6.
b. The visitation of the Lord.
i. Zechariah's usage, Luke 19:44.
ii. A double-edged sword, Matt. 24:51, Phil. 2:10-11.
iii. Visitation in the context of the Triumphal Entry.
c. The redemption of the Lord.
i. Understanding "redemption".
ii. Redemption in the context of the Triumphal Entry.
3. Mighty to save, vs. 69, Zeph. 3:17, Isa. 63:1.
a. The covenant of the King.
i. God's covenantal faithfulness.
ii. The King and His Kingdom, 2Sam. 7:5,11,16.
b. The aggressive power of salvation.
i. A symbol of aggressive power, Psa. 18:2.
ii. The aggressive power of the Auroch, Psa. 92:9-10.
C. The paradox of the Triumphal Entry.
1. The man on a donkey.
2. The aggressive power of His salvation.
III. Application, Psa. 18:7-10.
IV. Conclusion, Matt. 10:34.

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