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The Living Resurrection

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Probing the ultimate question: Is the Resurrection alive or dead for you?

Text: Acts 2:14-38
Date: 04/04/2021, the Combined service.
Occasion: Easter

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We all know that Easter is a day on which we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave. But to many it is not a life-bringing reality but a dead holiday. The question: "Is the Resurrection alive or dead for you?" might seem nonsensical, but it is not! It is actually the ultimate question that will determine where you will spend eternity. For if the Resurrection is dead, then Jesus will not reign in your life, and if He is not the Risen, Ascended and Coronated Lord of your life-- chances are He is not really your Savior either. In this message we will see how the early church (as represented by Peter's Pentecost sermon), believed fully that the Resurrection was not just an historical fact, but a dynamic, life-changing, Living Resurrection that formed the foundation of their message their doctrine, and their faith.

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I. Introduction
A. Is the Resurrection "alive" or "dead"?
B. The Lord of the living, Mark 12:27.
1. The collision of two worlds, Luke 24:1, 5.
2. A "Living Resurrection" in the early church.
II. Exposition of the text, Acts 2:14-38.
A. Context, John 12:39-40.
B. The Resurrection comes alive!
1. The day of the Lord, vs. 14-21.
a. The obvious presence of God, vs. 14-15.
b. Quoting from the prophet Joel, vs. 16-21.
c. The double-edged sword of divine visitation, Joel 2:1-3.
2. The proof of the Resurrection, vs. 22-29.
a. The claim of Jesus' Resurrection, vs. 22-24.
b. God's sovereignty and human responsibility.
c. The argument from Psalm 16, vs. 25-29.
3. Peter's persuasive argument, vs. 30-32.
a. David's prophecy fulfilled, vs. 30-31.
b. The significance of eyewitnesses, vs. 32.
4. Peter's irrefutable point, vs. 33-35.
a. The proof found in the miracle before them, vs. 33.
b. The proof found in David's Lord, vs. 34-35.
5. The call to repentance, vs. 36-38.
III. Application
IV. Conclusion, Luke 24:5.

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