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The Hymn of the Heavenly Host

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Heaven overflows to celebrate the Advent of the King, the Kingdom, and the battle!

Text: Luke 2:13-14
Date: 05/09/2021, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 18
Occasion: Mother's Day

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Our focus for this message remains in the fields outside Bethlehem as a group of shepherds are stunned by the appearance of an angel and the glory of God. After the angel announces the birth of Jesus, and gives a clear description of the Good News, the scene gets even more spectacular as an army of heavenly angels all of a sudden "are" in the midst of the Shekinah. The heavenly choir breaks out into a chorus praising God for the glorious Advent of Christ. We will analyze this scene in its fullness, trying desperately to overcome the popular notions of the event. We will discover that not only has heaven overflowed with joy because of the culmination of God's plan of redemption, but these warriors of heaven are extolling the Advent of their King, His Kingdom and the battle that will ensue-- as the forces of Light penetrate the darkness and sing out with boldness the hymn of the heavenly host.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 2:13-14.
A. Context, Luke 1:78-79.
B. The celebration of the Heavenly Host.
1. The Heavenly Host appears, vs. 13.
a. Setting the scene.
i. A sudden appearance, Mal. 3:1, Acts 2:2, 9:3, Mark 13:35-37.
ii. A terrestrial appearance.
iii. A spectacular appearance, Rev. 5:11.
iv. Why not Bethlehem?
• Because of the ones Jesus came to save, John 1:51.
• Because of the Messianic Secret.
• An exercise in faith.
b. The Heavenly Host.
i. Not an ordinary choir.
ii. A military word.
• Describing a heavenly army, Matt. 24:30-31.
• An illustration.
• The beginning of a spiritual war, Rev. 12:7.
• Summation
2. The Heavenly Host sings, vs. 13b-14.
a. The activity of the army, vs. 13b.
b. All glory to God, vs. 14a.
i. Glory to God alone.
ii. The Most High God.
iii. The reason for the glory.
• The Advent of the King and His Kingdom.
• The culmination of Redemptive History.
• The beginning of the end.
c. Great blessing to mankind, vs. 14b.
i. The meaning of "peace", Rev. 12:12.
ii. Peace among whom?
• What it does not mean.
• What it does mean.
III. Application
IV. Conclusion

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