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The Flow of the Gospel

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Learning the flow of Redemption from the angels and shepherds of Bethlehem.

Text: Luke 2:15-20
Date: 05/16/2021, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 19

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In the aftermath of the amazing display of heavenly glory in the fields near Bethlehem, the shepherds once again find themselves alone in the night. It is a critical time for them as we consider what they will do with the revelation they have received. As we unravel the answers in the text, we will trace their urgent trek to find Jesus, and the revealing way Luke describes their encounter with Joseph and Mary and the people in the town. We will then step back to consider how these shepherds fit into God's overall plan of Redemption, and how they reflect the way the Kingdom of Heaven will expand. Ultimately we will find our own story in theirs, and realize that these first evangelists are setting the standard for the church to come-- as we all follow the lead of the angels and become part of the flow of the Gospel.

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I. Introduction, Ezek. 47:7-9.
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 2:15-20.
A. Context
B. The Shepherds go to Bethlehem.
1. Keeping the shepherds in perspective.
2. The aftermath of glory, vs. 15.
a. The angels depart, vs. 15a.
i. A substantially different departure.
ii. The time of testing.
iii. A moot point.
iv. Re-affirming the perspective.
b. The shepherd's conference, vs. 15b.
i. A mutual decision.
ii. An immediate decision.
iii. The authority of the messenger.
3. Going with haste, vs. 16.
a. The compliance of the shepherds, James 2:26.
b. A successful search.
i. Not a "given", Luke 2:11-12.
ii. The trek to Bethlehem.
iii. Finding the baby once there.
4. Sharing the good news, vs. 17.
a. An intentional omission.
b. An interesting comparison.
i. The scene in the stable, Luke 2:6-7.
ii. The scene in the fields.
c. "Secondary angels", Matt. 5:14-16.
5. Awe and wonder, vs. 18.
a. The shepherds share the word, Luke 2:8.
b. A look from different points of view.
6. Mary's introspection, vs. 19.
a. The secret to Mary's Theological depth, Luke 1:46-55.
b. The various pieces of Mary's puzzle.
i. The words of the prophets, Dan. 7:13-14, Isa. 53:4-6.
ii. The words of the angels, Luke 1:28-33, Matt. 1:21-23.
iii. The visit with Elizabeth, Luke 1:42-45.
iv. Potentially Zechariah's song, Luke 1:68-71.
v. The words of the shepherds, Luke 2:10-11,14.
c. Christian "brooding", Josh. 1:8, Psa. 1:1-2.
d. Another valuable lesson.
7. Soli Deo Gloria, vs. 20.
a. A revealing celebration.
b. Following the lead of the Heavenly Host.
III. Application
A. The history of your redemption.
B. The glory of your redemption.
C. The outworking of your redemption.
IV. Conclusion

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