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Signs of the "Radiant Woman"

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Lessons from the Radiant Woman to the Radiant Woman!

Text: Luke 2:36-38
Date: 06/20/2021, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 24
Occasion: Father's Day

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As Luke brings the scenario of the infant Jesus' visit to the Temple to a close, we are introduced to one more Old Testament saint-- an elderly woman named Anna. Once again, Luke is grounding us in the Old Testament with these encounters, and once again he has valuable and powerful lessons for the New Testament church in the character of the saints he introduces. After establishing what these attributes are, we will apply them to the church of today as a model. We will surprisingly find that this elderly and probably impoverished widow in all her worldly helplessness, is the very image of spiritual power and strength. In this, she was a worthy model of what the church should be, and therefore an unexpected sign of the "Radiant Woman".

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I. Introduction, Rev. 12:1-6.
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 2:36-38.
A. Context
1. Faithfulness to the Old Testament.
2. Simeon's character.
3. Simeon's Song.
4. Simeon and Anna.
5. A peek at the angels and shepherds, Luke 2:11.
B. Another portrait of an Old Testament saint.
1. Introducing Anna, vs. 36a.
a. Portrait of an Old Testament prophetess.
i. What's in a name?
ii. Describing a "prophetess".
b. A formal name designation.
i. The daughter of Phanuel, Gen. 32:30.
ii. The tribe of Asher.
2. Anna's age and significance, vs. 36b-37a.
a. An elderly woman.
b. Anna's life experience.
i. Calculating Anna's age, Psa. 90:10.
ii. A long life of faithfulness.
iii. A window on the Messianic community, Rev. 12:5-6, Matt. 5:17.
3. Anna's piety, vs. 37b.
a. "Living" at the Temple.
b. Worshiping with fasting and prayer.
i. Understanding Fasting, Matt. 6:16-18.
ii. Prayer and worship, Psa. 4:1, 5:2; Matt. 6:5-8.
iii. The necessary connection.
4. Anna's "song", vs. 38.
a. Anna's reaction to the Christ.
i. A simultaneous meeting.
ii. The natural reaction of praise.
iii. Visualizing the scene, Luke 2:30,34.
b. Telling the faithful.
i. Comparison with the shepherds, Luke 2:16-18.
ii. A targeted audience, Isa. 59:20, 62:12; Zech. 10:8.
iii. Knowing their Redeemer, Isa. 53:11-12.
III. Application
A. The role of women in Luke.
B. Anna as a picture of the church.
1. The Radiant Woman, Rev. 12:1-2.
2. Anna's lessons for the church.
a. The image of worldly weakness.
b. Continual worship and Godly living, John 4:23-24, Rom. 12:1.
c. Continually praising God, John 12:28, 17:1,4; Luke 10:21; John 11:41.
d. Spreading the Good News.
i. Anna's outreach.
ii. Anna's joy.
C. Let the church be the church.
1. The wickedness of the times.
2. The activity of the faithful.
IV. Conclusion

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