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Standing Against the World Part 3

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Learning from John the Baptist, that to boldly stand for the truth will incur the wrath of the world!

Text: Luke 3:15-20
Date: 08/15/2021, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 31

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This is the third part of what has become a three-week series on the positive example of John the Baptist. By looking at the life and words of John the Baptist, we will gain valuable insight into what it means to be Christ-like in our own lives and ministry. In previous lessons we have analyzed both the humility of "the greatest man born of woman", and his truthfulness to the Word of God. This week we will analyze his boldness and the inevitable consequence of suffering. Ultimately we will realize that like the saints who have gone before us-- if we boldly stand for truth, will find ourselves standing against the world-- and incurring its wrath!

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 3:15-20.
A. Context
B. The fruits of boldness to the truth.
1. Preaching the good news, vs. 18.
a. A multitude of "exhortations".
i. The purpose of exhortations, Luke 3:7,9,17.
ii. Exhortations are confrontational.
iii. Exhortations are vital to the Gospel.
b. Making enemies in high places, John 1:19,24; Matt. 3:7.
2. The boldness of John the Baptist, vs. 19-20a.
a. The lasciviousness of Herod Antipas.
i. The tetrarch of Galilee.
ii. A sinful relationship.
iii. A reputation for wickedness, Mark 8:15.
b. The relationship between the church and the state.
i. Seeking the biblical balance.
• The dilemma, Rom. 13:1-2, 1Pet. 2:13-14.
• The solution.
ii. Voting for the right issues.
3. The suffering of John the Baptist, vs. 20b, John 15:18-19, Luke 14:26-28.
III. Application
A. Defining "modern Christendom".
B. The errors of "tolerance" and "prosperity".
1. The tolerance of modern Christendom.
a. Tolerance and the culture.
i. A collision of ethics.
ii. The intolerance of Scripture, Judges 6:25, James 4:4.
b. Tolerance and the state.
i. A double standard.
ii. Prophetic Criticism.
iii. When the state fails to be the state.
iv. Let the church be the church.
c. Tolerance and the church, James 4:4.
i. Complicity with the culture.
ii. The vital importance of the church to the culture.
2. The "prosperity" of modern Christendom.
a. The inevitability of persecution.
b. The false teaching of "prosperity theology", Heb. 11:36-38.
c. An unpleasant prediction.
i. The prediction.
ii. The challenge.
IV. Conclusion

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