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Conquering Babylon

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Following Jesus in refusing to use the tools and weapons of the world to build the Kingdom of Heaven.

Text: Luke 4:5-8
Date: 09/05/2021, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 34

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As we continue to study the temptations of Jesus, we turn to satan's ostentatious display of the kingdoms of the world and his audacious offer to give them to Jesus if He will bow down and worship him. As John does in the book of Revelation, we will lump all these kingdoms together under the representative title of "Babylon". After considering in what sense the devil has the right to claim these kingdoms as his own, we will realize that the glitter and "glory" of these kingdoms were of little concern to Jesus-- but the people who lived in them were! After establishing this, we will recognize just how evil satan's offer really was and why it was a real temptation for our Lord. But Jesus' response will teach the church today a powerful lesson-- that a kingdom built with the tools and weapons of the enemy will still be "Babylon" and belong to the enemy. Ultimately we will realize it is only with the tools and weapons of the Kingdom that we can ever hope to conquer Babylon!

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 4:5-8.
A. Context
B. The temptation to gain the Crown without the Cross.
1. The ostentatious display of Babylon, vs. 5.
a. The adversary, Isa. 14:12-15; Rev. 12:4,7,10,13; Job 1:6,7; 1Pet. 5:8.
b. The transport, Matt. 4:8.
c. The kingdom(s) of Babylon.
i. A representative kingdom of evil, Rev. 17:5.
ii. The kingdom of "man", Gen. 4:17, Dan. 4:29-30.
iii. The kingdom of "men".
d. A moment in time.
2. The audacious offer of Babylon, vs. 6.
a. Noticing what's missing.
b. The offer of power and glory.
i. Understanding the authority.
ii. Grappling with the "glory", John 5:44, 1:14; Heb. 1:3.
c. The "give and take" of the kingdoms of men.
i. Who "delivered" them?
• A kingdom of fallen sinners, Rom. 1:22-25.
• Who sell themselves to satan.
ii. How are they his to give?
• The ruler of this world, John 12:31, 14:30; Eph. 2:2, 6:12; 1John 5:19.
• Defining "world".
iii. The cosmic Anfechtung.
d. Analyzing Jesus' understanding.
3. The nefarious condition, vs. 7.
a. A lust to be worshiped, Isa. 14:14.
b. A frightening conclusion.
4. Jesus' response, vs. 8, Deut. 6:4-5, 13-15.
C. Interpretation
1. Identifying the temptation.
a. Establishing Jesus' mission and purpose.
i. To seek and save the lost of Babylon, Luke 19:10.
ii. To redeem the slaves of Babylon, Matt. 20:28.
b. The agony of His task, John 12:27, Matt. 26:38-39.
2. Interpreting satan's offer.
3. Interpreting Jesus' answer, Gen. 3:15.
III. Application
A. Avoiding the tools and weapons of the devil.
1. The pitfall of Dominionism.
2. A house divided, Matt. 12:25-28, 6:24.
B. Using the tools and weapons of the Kingdom.
1. God alone is worthy of our worship.
2. The Gospel and the Word are our greatest tools.
3. Love is our greatest "weapon".
IV. Conclusion

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